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Topcon Positioning Systems designs and manufactures precise positioning products and solutions to improve productivity in the infrastructure and agriculture industries.

As part of their in-house design team, I played a key role in establishing a design system for web and landing pages. When I first joined the company, the existing style for landing pages was becoming outdated. Additionally, the style of landing pages was inconsistent with the look of the main website.

After being put into a position to influence the design of the website, I saw an opportunity to improve the ability of which we were able to create high-quality and consistent web pages more than we ever had in the past. My solution was to build a library of pre-designed elements that could be used by designers to quickly mock up and develop web pages. The results have been that designers can now create high-fidelity mockups and develop pages faster than ever before. The quality and consistency have also gone up dramatically.

Contributors: Jonathan Biehl, Matt Catt

Topcon Positioning Systems
Art direction, web design
March 28, 2023

Prior to this project, landing pages were very inconsistent and had a dated style.

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