Topcon Literature Re-design

Topcon Positioning Systems designs and manufactures precise positioning products and solutions to improve productivity in the infrastructure and agriculture industries.

As part of their in-house design team, I had a big part in the redesign of their corporate literature templates. This change came as part of an effort to not only refresh the look of the company but also to improve functionality. The main audience for their literature is for us by their dealer network to help promote and inform their customers on Topcon products and solutions. The previous design system was filled with large fields of color and full-bleed imagery which made it difficult for dealers to print pieces of collateral on-demand with standard printers.

The solution was to add more breathing room to the design which helped to reduce the amount of ink needed when printing. Additional information was also brought to the front cover in order to communicate top benefits to the customer without the need to open a brochure. This system has been applied to various types of collateral such as brochures, datasheets, one-sheets, and digital booklets.

Contributors: Jonathan Biehl, Pui Ki Wong, Ronnie Garver

Topcon Positioning Systems
Art direction, collateral design
March 28, 2023

Comparison to the older literature style compared to the new design

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