Topcon CONEXPO Booth

As an in-house Graphic Designer for Topcon Positioning Systems, I was heavily involved in the design of our CONEXPO 2020 booth. This conference is the largest event that we attend. Needless to say, it was a big deal. The goal for the booth design (graphics, media, layout, etc.) was to communicate the theme of "accelerate". With Topcon technology being used to accelerate performance, accuracy, and more on the job site, the theme was fitting for the show.

My role in this project was to assist with the printed graphics of the booth as well as provide art direction to the large scale digital media. During the show, I was responsible for documenting the event and taking beauty shots of our booth. Additionally, I contributed to a lot of the smaller pieces of printed and digital designs throughout the booth. All in all, I am extremely satisfied with finished booth. It was very well received by not only our senior management, but the customers as well. While there were many other factors that contributed to it, we had back-to-back record-breaking sales days at this event.

Contributors: Ronnie Garver, Jonathan Biehl, Pui Ki Wong, Elmer Valenca, KC Smith

Topcon Positioning Systems
Graphic design, art direction, photography
April 23, 2020
What was so exciting for me as a creative, was being able to work on a variety of aspects of the booth. By being involved with the booth graphics, digital media, and even some side projects, I was able to establish the look and feel of the entire booth experience.

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