Income Inequality

The first part of this project is a card set that introduces the topic and provides facts and quotes. By using bold typography in a clear and concise manner, the reader is able to quickly comprehend the information easily.

While the card set presented a lot of facts and established the visual system for the project, the booklet’s purpose was to evoke an emotional response by adding the human element. The nature of the topic is solemn and often hard to comprehend, so there was a need to present the information in a way that could be digested easily. By using statistics in the form of quotes from specific individuals, the reader feels more connected to the person, thus feeling more connected to the facts. In a way, statistics can act as a prison that tells marginalized people how far they can go in life. These individuals are examples of those who have broken past their “limits”.

There is an abundance of information on the subject of income inequality. More often than not, this information is scatted amongst a wide variety of charts, graphs, and lists. In an effort to answer questions of my own, I constructed an infographic comparing the average income of the United States by state, race, and gender to the average cost of living by state. The outcome is a compressive data visualization with various levels of information.

Personal Project
Booklet layout, custom card set design, infographic poster design
April 3, 2020
When people refer to the topic of income inequality, they only focus on either the gender wage gap or the idea of the 99 percent and one percent in America. This project's goal is to inform and change the way people think about income inequality.

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