Organic Image

There are hundreds of apps that allow users to edit their photos and add filters and other effects. Apps such as Instagram focus on editing the photo after the user takes the photo. Additionally, most of these apps use the same filters so everyone’s photos look the same. When looking at Instagram, people love the community associated with it. The simplicity of the app is what sets it apart from other photography apps that provide the same exact experience. There are a lot of professionals who use Instagram and have a lot more success than the average person who has the same passion for photography, but not the skills yet. It is very easy to lose motivation when your posts only have one or two likes and others have thousands.

Rather than focusing on fixing bad photos with over-used filters, Organic Image will educate and enable people to take great photos without any editing. The premise of seeing who can generate the best photos without editing will spark a lot of creativity within the community. Using on-screen tutorials, users will gain insight into photography fundamentals.

Exhibition Design

Destination Moon

For the final project our class voted on designing all marketing materials for an exhibition. I have always been fascinated by the stars and space, so I chose the upcoming exhibition Space Exploration: Destination Moon at the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum. The exhibition will replace their current exhibition Apollo to the Moon and include even more pieces of space exploration history.

Since all of this was happening around the 1960’s and 1970’s, I wanted to give the project a dated look similar to what people at that time would see on their televisions. Using halftone filters, noise filters, and screen tearing affects I was able to recreate that look. The typographic treatment & duotone color scheme are to contemporize the project



This project was to develop a new product or service concept and promote it through a parent company. The product I developed was a translation device for dogs so that humans could understand what they are saying. After some process I developed the name “Talk” with a slogan of “All friendships begin with hello”. In order to market my product I created a poster set as well as a brochure. Using printable acetate I was able to create a transparency which would symbolize the products function.

Electronic Gaming Monthly Publication Design

Electronic Gaming Monthly

The purpose of this assignment was to learn how to develop a system and apply it throughout a publication. The publication I chose to re-design was Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM). This magazine provides reviews and overviews of new video games on the market. Due to the nature of the magazine it was necessary for the spreads to be image heavy. The original publication was extremely overly complex and cluttered, so I felt the need to open up the spreads and let them breathe with more white space.

REI - Cover - 2

REI Packaging

The midterm project for my Package Design 1 class was design the packaging for a sports company. With my background in scouting and backpacking I wanted to do something familiar to me so I chose REI.

I used craft paper as the main material for the packaging to the give natural and sustainable look and feel. I used my own photography on the packaging and added blue and yellow geometric shapes in order to add some saturation and vibrance which would liven up the design.

The main concept of the design was to create packages that had a dual-purpose. Just like in backpacking, you want everything you pack to have a dual-purpose to keep the weight of your pack down. Each box has an infographic explaining the dual-purpose of the box.


Starbucks Coffee

The final project for my Package Design 1 class was design the packaging for a coffee company. On top of the packaging for the coffee we also were required to design a gift box. The brand I chose was Starbucks Coffee. I decided to go with a deconstructed Victorian style which touches on the roots coffee has in history as well as its popularity in the world today. It is also very visually interesting which would help it pop on the shelf.

The gift box needed to match the style of the coffee and somewhat high end. I found a plain chest at a craft store and stained it to look older and more high end. The images in the corner pieces I worked in the graphics on the tin cans as well. The logo is a rubdown transfer and also follows along with the deconstructed look.


Garren’s Senior Portraits

These are a few of the photos I did for Garren’s senior portraits. We did three different outfits on the same location. One outfit was more formal where the other outfit was more casual. The third outfit was his Boy Scout uniform since it played a big role in his childhood.

Amber and Kathy 180

Amber’s Senior Portraits

These are a few of the photos I did for Amber’s senior portraits in 2014. The photoshoot took place at Sycamore Grove in Livermore, CA. It is a beautiful park and works great for photoshoots.